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Success Stories


Russian client and family receive political asylum.

Russian government believed our client was supporting the Chechnyan Rebels and KGB arrested and tortured our client. Client was able to escape to USA with his family. USA granted political asylum based on client’s fear to return to his native country. Client’s prior attorney had case denied due to belief that some papers were fraudulent.

Attorney Diana Bailey assisted client in obtaining political asylum in court based on understanding of issues, making a convincing argument on how there was a connection between his action and political events which threatened his well being, and assisted in obtaining documents from Russia which verified the client’s story.


Client with multiple felony convictions granted relief from deportation.

Our client, a legal permanent resident, faced deportation (removal) due to felony convictions including: under the influence of methamphetamines (16 month state prison term), felony possessions of a firearm (2), felony possession of cocaine (dismissed), driving under the influence misdemeanors (3), driving on a suspended license (3), and probation violations including failing drug tests while immigration deportation proceedings were in progress.

Attorney Diana Bailey obtained relief for client due to excellent understanding of deportation procedures and immigration law, and familiarity with Immigration Court and Judge’s processes and procedures. Attorney Diana Bailey argued for relief from deportation due to the client’s strong family ties in the United States including a wife, 10 children, and 8 grandchildren. Attorney Diana Bailey developed a good relationship with the client and the family. The client showed a good attitude, respect for the system, and made a good effort toward rehabilitation. While attorney Diana Bailey was very prepared and had strong knowledge of the system, she won due to perseverance under extremely poor circumstances.

Marriage based legal permanent residency

Client’s fiancé receives green card (legal permanent residency) through marriage. Client hired attorney Diana Bailey to expedite visa proceedings for his fiancé while fiancé had been in the country illegally for five years and had entered the country illegally. Client was able to receive work card within six weeks of marriage, driver’s license within 8 weeks, social security card within 4 months, and green card (legal permanent resident card) within 9 months of marriage. Attorney Diana Bailey advised client to get married 6 months earlier then client planned to meet expiring immigration deadline. Attorney Diana Bailey’s knowledge of the ever-changing immigration law allowed the client to achieve her legal status here.